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    This just came out on ASLA’s Advocacy Network and is very important to our profession.  We are looking at tring to get 2000 plus letters/emails sent to Congress and the Senate and we are sitting at about 1000 right now.  Please respond and help push us the rest of the way.


    Responding takes only about 5 minutes!!!!



    Let’s Help Create More Parks-
    Every Letter Counts!!

    Last week landscape architects mobilized on Capitol Hill for their annual Advocacy Day. You and your colleagues made over 400 visits to senators and representatives from all 50 states and we are seeing the results immediately! 
    Because of your efforts we have seen 6 new House Members sign on to HR 3734 The Urban Revitalization and Livable Communities Act, and growing interest from a number of senate offices in introducing a senate companion bill.  Help build on the momentum of last week’s Advocacy Day and weigh in with your elected officials!
    ASLA’s 2300 by May 23rd Campaign is working to innundate the Hill with messages in support of the urban parks legislation- join the hundreds who have already weighed in and ask your House member to co-sponsor HR 3734 and ask your Senator to introduce a companion bill in the Senate!
    Simply click TAKE ACTION above and use the provided templates to urge your legislators to support this legislation.  If possible, please personalize your letter with examples of parks and recreation projects that you or your colleagues have worked on.
    For more on ASLA Advocacy please visit


    Click Below to TAKE ACTION

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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