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    Zach Watson

    I’m in the second year of my Landscape Architecture program where we are working with Architects and designing a building to be placed in a designed Urban Farm. I had the idea to grow several trees on top of the building and allow the roots to be showcased in the exhibit space in the building below. I’m wondering if there is any precedence for this and if so, where can I find it. Any information is appreciated.



    Sometimes spending two hours wandering the architecture and LA section of the library can do WONDERS for your projects.

    The first two ‘classic’ books that come to mind are ‘Infrastructures’ and ‘Groundswell.’

    Infrastructures reads almost like a comic book with great loose watercolor and ink illustrations showing the fusion of infrastructure and architecture with landscape, all from an 80’s? perspective, but very forward thinking. I think the author is an architect.

    Groundswell was ‘cutting edge’ landscape architecure like 5 or 10 years ago, but the projects in there still hold up. here’s a lot of architecture and land art in there to help get the juices flowing. Its sort of a must to have within reach from your studio desk just for the precedents and ideas, but don’t copy.

    If you can find any of Michael Sorkin’s published books theres some good stuff in there. More on urban design and social agendas, but the imagery is really interesting. Sorkin is an architect who has proposed some pretty bizarro city concepts. I’m reluctant to say he’s a genius like many have told me, but he makes cool stuff that fits the landscape in unique and typically very organic ways.

    You could also try looking at some of Andropogon’s projects for the ecologogical agenda.

    I’d encourage you to get into the library and dig around. Go outside and go for a hike and look at how the natural world works and the forms that happen with little manipulation by humans. Dont spend too much time looking at others work.

    Bon Voyage!

    Trace One

    I think the new Renzo Piano addition to the Academy of Sciences, in San Francisco, has something like that – although I do not believe the trees are living – and somehow it is part of Maya Lins exhibit? I don’t know if my memory is serving me well on that..but lots of good really revolutionary exhibits there – def. worth checking out…


    I’ve got a copy sitting right here on my bookshelf. There were a few people at CSU into it..

    Roland Beinert

    I don’t know of any examples I could give you, but maybe there’s a conservatory or museum somewhere that might have a display like that.

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