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    Caleb Diehl

    Hi Landscape Architects,

    I’m planning on applying to MLA first-professional programs for next Fall 2019. There’s not a lot of information on these programs out there on the internet, and I was hoping for some help in discerning between different schools. I’m looking for a more ecology focused program. Money is a real concern for me, so I’m looking for the most affordable option. And obviously the one with the best job outcomes for graduates.

    These are the schools I’m planning on applying to right now:

    U Penn

    I’m going for a list of two reach schools, a safety school or two, and a couple in the middle. Do you think the list above is a good mix? Are there any great mid-range schools I should also think about? I can get in-state tuition at many state universities West of Colorado through the Western Regional Graduate Program, and I’m willing to go just about anywhere. Thanks for your help!


    Kendall Mainzer

    Hi Caleb!

    I’d recommend using ASLA’s accredited program page as a comprehensive quick-reference to MLA programs (organized by state): https://www.asla.org/FullListofAccreditedPrograms.aspx

    That’s where you’ll find a link to each program’s unique site that should give you the highlights. For example, at Penn State, we highlight our emergent Ecology + Design research center (directed by an ecologist who is on the faculty of landscape architecture), excellent funding support for our students (including tuition waivers for qualified graduate student on assistantship), excellent career placement, and one of the strongest alumni networks.

    Best of luck to you as you look for the right fit for your graduate education in landscape architecture!

    Kendall Mainzer
    Manager of Strategic Initiatives
    Penn State Department of Landscape Architecture

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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