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    Graham Taylor

    Hi everyone. I’m doing research for an article and need some help. I’ve been trying to find project examples in North America, but anywhere would do that use modern/digital technology or interactive technology within the final site design. Crown Plaza in Millennium Park, Chicago, would be one of the well known examples of this. I’m not looking for the latest software, computers etc.

    I have found very few examples of landscape architects doing this work and much more of artists collaborating with LA’s or architects. I would love to hear of some sites that are using modern technology, social media, or interactive digital features by landscape architects or through collaboration.


    Andrew Spiering
    Graham Taylor

    Thanks Andrew. Some of those exhibits are exactly what I was thinking of. Not permanent but they look like they could be incorporated into a permanent site. Looks like it would be a great event to visit!

    vc hefti

    Whitenoise/whitelight //cool installation at the Sydney Olympics, I think?


    high-tech humorist & interactive artist + TEDtalk



    groundplane lightscape, I always remember it as motion sensored light, alas it is not, but the following link is. Then of course there are interactive ftns like the Billacio (sp? I don’t know)



    Hope these were helpful!

    Graham Taylor

    VC, those were great! Especially Finsbury Ave Square because it is a permanent installation. I wonder how it is holding up several years after construction?

    Thanks for all the links!

    Sofia Castelo

    Hi Graham,

    I did an installation with robotics for the London Festival of Architecture 2008. You can read about it here http://www.wallpaper.com/architecture/london-festival-of-architecture/2529 and here kiosk2008.blogspot.com/

    Also a project I presented for the Washington Monument grounds Ideas Competition that was shortlisted to the 2nd stage of the competition had robotics. I attach a leaflet of the project.

    I hope you enjoy it!

    Best regards,


    Graham Taylor

    Hi Sofia,

    You’re installation at the London Festival of architecture looked very cool. And I really enjoy your idea for the Washington monument. The thought to change a landscape based on the users reaction is very interesting and is in-line with what I think the current technology can easily do. Thanks for adding that. I would be interested in your thoughts further on the topic a little later as I develop the article as I’m very early in the process now. I will keep you updated.

    Thank you for sharing the projects.


    Sofia Castelo

    Hi Graham, I’m glad you liked the projects. As you can see, this is a subject that intere

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