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    Matthew Taylor

    Hey everyone. I recently finished the LARE and am wanting to prepare for the JUNE administration of the Louisiana Supplemental Plants Exam. The basics they give you are that there is a walk around identification portion and a written portion. The walk around portion seems fairly straight forward, know what plants are basic to Louisiana. But the written part, well I have no idea where to even begin studying for that. Any insight is appreciated!

    James DeRoussel

    Matt, I am an LSU alum (2001) who just moved back to Louisiana after 15 years away. I am a licensed LA in Arizona, but not Louisiana, so I am also considering taking the Louisiana Supplemental Exam this year to get licensed in LA.

    As you have probably already seen, the LA Horticulture Commission only says, “The written exam covers plant use and characteristics. Questions pertain to the use and characteristics of various plant materials. The questions are a mix of matching, fill in the blanks, and short answers.”

    I spoke to an RLA in my office and he was able to provide the following info…

    The written portion, as he recalls, is largely focused on plant communities and ecology, in addition to plant usage and characteristics. He suggests knowing the different bioregions/plant communities (Bottomland Hardwood, Coastal Marsh, Historic Longleaf, etc), where they are located geographically within the state, and the native species typical of those communities. In addition to all the plants you already know, familiarize yourself with some saltwater marsh grasses and other plants that may be of little ornamental use but have ecological importance.

    The LHC suggests “Southern Plants” by Odenwald and Turner as the study guide for the exam.

    If you find any additional information, please share.

    Matthew Taylor

    James –

    Thanks for the response!

    As you know the Southern Plants book is quite extensive, but hopefully there is a way to break it down some.

    If you hear anything else let me know and I will do the same. Maybe we can get together and combine resources closer to the exam date.

    Lacy Jones Hamilton

    Do y’all have any updates on this? I’m licensed in Texas and am looking to take the exam this June. The black and white sketch pictures in the “Southern Plants” book seems daunting. Any feedback/suggestions is much appreciated!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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