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    Barbara Peterson

    What magazine(s) would you recommend:

    – A friend has a son who will be entering the 9th grade next year (fall 2016). He is interested (currently) in architecture and landscape architecture. I’m not sure if he leans to residential or commercial / public or art …. He is very creative and I think that he is exploring fields…plus our school district has an Architectural Design career path.  

    – The ISD Career Center allows students to select law enforcement, robotics, nursing, cosmetology, architectural design…and a couple of others for more “indepth study”. If they choose the classes at the Career Center, they spend 1/2 the day there (so a 2-hour class) and the other 1/2 at their main campus. There is typically one 2-hour course offered each semester. The architecture program is a design studio taught by an architect.)

    – Anyway, my friend asked me what magazine(s) I might recommend for a young man wanting to learn more about the professions.  I have a stack of LAM’s that I can let him have…but the magazine might also overwhelm him.  She says that she has also “discovered” Dwell.  What else do ya’ll read and / or would you recommend for a young student (13 -14 years old)?



    I think that giving him an overview of different kinds of design would be valuable. Before I specialised, I regularly perused Azure, Wallpaper, and Metropolis Magazines as they have a bit of everything – architecture, interior design, graphic arts, industrial design and of course a wee bit of landscape architecture too. They cover projects of varying scales – some residential and many commercial. Dwell is a solid choice as well, with more of a focus on residential architecture, if I remember correctly.

    Barbara Peterson

    Fabulous: I had not seen the mags that you referenced but just checked their websites. I will definitely send the links to my friend.  Thank you.

    Tosh K

    Wallpaper and Metropolis; maybe select copies of LAM or Arch Record.  I really liked A+U (from Japan) as well, but pricey.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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