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    Jesse Scott

    I am looking for mainstream hollywood movies where landscape architects are portrayed.  These are the only ones I could find:


    Mark Ruffalo in Just Like Heaven (2005)

    Simon Baker in Something New (2006)

    Jude Law in Breaking and Entering (2006)


    Can any of you think of any others.  The one stipulation is that the words Landscape Architect need to be uttered somewhere in the movie dialog.


    Kimberly Caruso

    Mark Ruffalo (again!) in The Kids are Alright (2010)

    Anu M

    I think it’s Julianne Moore who’s trying to start a Landscape Design business in The Kids are Alright (2010)…

    Daniel Radai

    In ’17 again’ Leslie Mann starts a garden design business!

    Jordan Lockman

    An IMDB search gave me six matches:

    along with Just like Heaven and Breaking and Entering there was


    Wrong Side of Town (2010) Rob Van Dam

    Sunshine State(2002) Timothy Hutton

    The Substance of Fire (1996) once again timothy hutton?

    The Wedding Dress(2001 TV movie) that starred Neil Patrick Harris.



    sunshine state looks great..


    Trace One

    Green Card, Andie McDowell is a garden designer…

    How about expand to fiction – I love Agatha Christie’s mystery that revolves around a garden in an old quarry, and the garden designer who was obsessed with his creation..


    Unless your considering a career change with more “Hollywood” attached to it than continuing
    to slog it through this crushing economic time warp we are in ( in the current profession we assume you to be in) your choice of discussion topic seems a little vapid.

    Still, with the comment by our resident film critic, the plug-in head himself, Mr. Nick A., I might even check out one of the listed films here.

    Let us all know when you get a screen test.

    Jordan Lockman

    I am sure that no one is realisticly hoping to play a LA in a feature film, but it is more of a fun way to see how we are percieved by pop culture. It is fun to watch “how I met your mother” on tv and see the things that they think an Architect is. Of course he always has models and sits in front of his drafting board. Even though we have only built one actual model in the 5 years I have been at an Arch firm and there is only two drafting boards in our office, both of which are performing well as dust collectors. Even better I laugh when my brother calls and states that he understands my work life better based on a sitcom.


    I think they are making a movie based on “The Devil in the White City,” starring Leonardo DiCaprio.  I wonder who will play Olmsted?


    Speaking of Breaking and Entering, its the only movie I’ve seen that portrays LAs tackling a major urban design project. That is the side of landscape architecture that I wish more of the public knew about. There’s this scene where Jude Law’s character is digitally inserted into a model of their big project.  He sounds more like a landscape architect than I ever have!  They had a real hipster urban office too!  Its funny how he introduces himself to this woman he cheats on his wife with (Life! It imitates art!).  He says “I’m an architect, of sorts.”  Kinda ties into the whole crisis of identity that LAs suffer from.  His LA partner, as an interesting side note, is played by the actor who played the analog of Jim Halpert in the original UK version of “The Office”.

    In the other movies I’ve seen, LAs are more often portrayed as garden designers, though I can’t speak for all of those listed here.  I can’t believe I’ve never seen “Sunshine State”, being a big John Sayles fan.

    Alan Ray, RLA

    there was a Barbra Streisand movie in the 70s where her love interest was a la student I think. Can’t remember the name of the movie


    The character played by Annette Bening (a realtor) in “American Beauty” references a Landscape Architect when trying to sell a home.

    Justin W. Lee

    I just saw a preview of a new sitcom that features Rob Schneider, and his occupation is a Landscape Architect.  Should be interesting…….

    ernie garcia

    in the pilot episode of “angel,” one of the talent agents claims to be dating a landscape architect.

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