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    Ellen Eubanks

    I took Mike’s drawing class. I was cautioned that it was like a concentration camp. I should have listened. Expect to be allowed 3-4 hrs sleep per night, and expect to hear or see every sexist remark and putdown imaginable.

    Clayton Munson

    Which class was this? 2 day, 2 week? Is that the way he is or just the way he runs the class?

    Ellen Eubanks

    It was a week long. He told us that that was the way he ran his classes. A number is us left 2 days before the class ended.


    I have taken the one week workshop in san francisco, and found it very helpful. You obviously, do not become an architectural illustrator in a week, but the most important advantage of the class is that it equips you with the tools; skills and confidence , with which you are no longer hesitent to try and practice.
    Also, although the course is a boot camp, he doesnt allow you to get tired.

    Jay Everett

    I took Mike’s 2-week workshop a few years ago in Kansas. I think the one-week workshop probably covers all of the critical techniques in Mike’s system (like the first week in Kansas) but you probably miss out of the repetition and practice that the second week afforded participants. My understanding from hearing Mike speak back then was that it was difficult to make the economics work out for most people, even with a group rate at an economy hotel chain it would be TOO expensive for most people to pay for the workshop AND pay to stay in San Francisco for 2 weeks.

    If you’re serious about learning from the BEST architectural graphics teacher in the country the YES, take the class. But consider this fair warning: EXPECT to be challenged, and DON’T expect it to be a vacation.


    I think bashing Mike Lin, or any professional practitioner by name on a public forum is probably misplaced and bad form. I also think it is in bad taste to bash the person bashing the person.

    That said, I think Mike Lin is good at what he does, but he is certainly not the only one who does this, and frankly, I wish some professionals looking for this kind of help would seek out a broader array of talents, they’re all around.

    I’m not going to promote or endorse any particular teacher, but I think it may be more constructive to discuss the range of available workshop teachers and compare, with informed discussion rather than flame each other to smithereens.

    Ellen Eubanks

    I wasn’t bashing Mr. Lin’s graphic skills. I was relating my unpleasant experience with his graphic teaching method.

    William Sinclair

    I only did a 2-day workshop with him and still rely on some of the things I learned there. A couple of my friends went to Kansas and came back far better illustrators than they left as… one started an income stream with his illustrations almost immediately and has found a real lifelong joy in drawing — filling sketchbooks on his travels, etc. — this from a guy who was thoroughly frustrated with drawing and not showing much promise — he’s better than most now.

    I’d say the proof is in producing positive, life-changing results… I’d love to take the course befor Mr. Lin decides to hang it up.

    I think that if one takes offense to Mr Lin’s class structure, sense of humor and overall disregard for most political correctness, they ought to avoid exposing themselves to such unpleasantness by simply steering clear of his classes and financially supporting another gifted instructor to learn the desired skills.

    It occurs to me that all of this discomfort is especially avoidable if one has forewarning that their personal values and endurance will be thoroughly challenged. I hope you have found a teacher who can offer you the skills you seek in an environment that will support your learning style.

    Trace One

    U of Penn didn’t teach us any graphic skills, so our class hired mike lin to come to teach us over the summer. Yes, he’s a character, but an inspired teacher – I loved it..And like someone else said, still use a lot of his techniques – ‘hit go hit’ ‘fuzzy line’..I grew up in other countries and am very tolerant of personalities..I don’t think there is anything intentionally offensive about Mike Line..Plus, he is a good example of an LA who made his own path, with a tremendous amout of conviction.

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