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    Just heard back from Pomona, so happy to added to the yes pile! Anybody has any insights about any of the following schools? Thanks!

    Accepted @

    RISD  – No $ package yet. Would relocate to East Coast for it. I have to say, I can not stop thinking about how contemporary their designs are, love the idea of a family-style, small program, excited about Colgate and Mikyoung. I have a sweet tooth for design/art focused landscapes and design school folk. 

    CCNY – Been hearing good things, seems solid (thanks for post _maf). If I lived in NY right now I might be into it but does not seem worth relocating from LA.

    RUTGERS  – I pretty much know nothing about the program. COnsidering that the Urban Planning program is so good, I was interested in the potential cross over. Again, if I were to relocate to the East Coast, it would probably only be for RISD

    USC  – $7000scholarship, which is just a couple bucks off the tip jar. At $35000 tuition, is the difference between Pomona and USC worth the price tag??  I am lured by USC’s amazing facilities/campus and this notion that they are working to make into a very renowned program (Harvard of the West kind of thing?). I have a really good life in LA and think it’s an exciting place for Landscape architecture.

    POMONA – Has been my top choice throughout the application process. I have a sustainability background so I have a lot of respect for their program and excited to get involved in the Lyle center. Bang for the buck. Concerned for CAlifornia’s bad financial situation and educational budget cuts. Can anybody point me towards some work that has come out of Pomona? Professors you like? and compared to USC…. what kind of name does it carry?

    Sorry for the lengthy post, I need help in deciding this one. 


    david maynes

    Go to the cheapest program. Given the current opportunities within the profession, and really the overall fiscal payback for the profession, I would go cheap.You wont really learn landscape architecture in school anyway, just prepare for it. No need to break the bank (IMHO)

    Its not a get rich profession, especially when you’re fresh.I had to move to another country to maintain employment in the profession (2 years ago).

    Food for thought

    Good luck!

    Andrew Garulay, RLA

    One of the differences between schools is that some principals in the profession prefer students from the school that they went to themselves or ones that they view as part of their group. If there is a presence of principals in the city that you want to work in, you may want to consider that.


    I’ll second Dave’s caution of accumulating debt, but I have noticed that there is definitely a community amongst the elite schools, being an outside on the turf of the Harvard crowd. If you go for a high priced school, go all the way so that you are in the click and make sure that click exists where you plan on working. After that, I don’t think there is a big advantage between a low priced school and an almost elite school other than debt.


    I’m still not sold on the idea that an MLA without a BSLA or BLA is a better degree in the job market today than the undergraduate degree unless it is from an elite school. It is like skipping boot camp.

    Joshua Seyfried

    I couldn’t agree more Andrew. I received a BLA from Michigan State a few years back. I have always had trouble with an MLA student who has a background in a non-design related profession thinking they are “better” than you or I. I have trouble believing that their 3 years of education have prepared them better than my 5 year program.

    With that said, I plan on going back to grad school in the fall and that decision was inspired by the 2 years I have been in the profession. The approach I took towards application revolved around, faculty, networking abilities and professional opportunities in a region I could see myself living in. 

    And yes, it is exactly like skipping boot camp!

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