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    Pearl May

    Hi Land8,
    I am working on a front yard design for a ‘modernist’ Bauhaus style residence in Illinois.  Does anyone have good links or suggestions for influences here?  We are hoping to go ‘greener’, take out all the lawn and do ???  Any ideas are welcome.


    This is my favorite example of Bauhaus influence:

    But seriously, look up a book called “The New Tech Garden” by Paul Cooper and “Inside Outside” by by Berrizbetia & Pollak.

    Oh, you didn’t want to have to spend money on this? OK, well look up pretty much anything designed by Peter Walker. Japanese influences also work well with those modernist homes. Better yet, you should send it to me and let me design it for you! JK!

    Frank Varro

    Yeah, I’d look at Kiley, Rose, and Eckbo, as they really spearheaded the movement. A former professor of mine, Dean Cardasis, is the director of the James Rose Center, and has done excellent work as well.

    Most modernist designs use lawn to a large extent, however, that is mostly for the reason that it is the most common groundplane to use for open space in a garden. If you can create a garden that is spatially centered, but with an alternative groundcover, whether it is gravel, wood decking, or a low maintenance walkable groundcover, you will be pretty close to your goal.

    Good Luck!

    Pearl May

    Thanks everyone! I will let you know how it is going…

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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