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    Lindsey Fikes

    Hello all,

    I am moving to Shenzhen this fall and have been browsing through design jobs, particularly junior architect positions and interior designing occupations. I am a hard worker and love to travel.

    Any help that anyone could give me as to connections or advice would be most appreciated! I feel a little overwhelmed with seeking a job while still being in the states and am working hard to find one in Shenzhen or Hong Kong (am I able to work in HK and live in Shenzhen, by the way?).



    Rob Halpern

    Join the Linkedin Group,

    Walter Norris Bone

    Shenzhen is a decent City, nice people and many things to do, borders Hong Kong. I lived in Hong Kong, Macau and Shenzhen for 6.5 years moving there from Vegas. I am now in Dubai as of January last year. My only advice is to be very careful which company you work for. Many companies throughout China, other than the big name firms, are not honest and you will need to protect yourself.

    For example, the first firm I worked for in Shenzhen never submitted my contract to the gov’t so it was not lawful employment.  I was not paid fully and left with them owing me money.  They continue to advertise and luring expat designers there.  They are associated with a US architecture firm, but the US firm is unaware about their operation as long as they receive their monies.

    Hong Kong is far more honest, etc, but again, be aware of who you work for.  The company I was brought over with a US based firm and now the Hong Kong office is no longer associated with them except by name.  The HK firm pays out monthly to the US firm, but is now owned and operated by a mainland Chinese company.  My first year contract was not honored by the HK office and I left.

    If you have specific questions about firms, message me and I will let you know which ones to stay away from.  Hope this helps.

    Ernst Glaeser

    I fully agree with Walter. Had one year in Nanjing with a local LA firm and a posh American name. Went to Shenzhen after that to join a local LA firm connected to an Australian architecture firm. Here I failed after a hand full of month because of internal animosity issues with some locals and my outspoken attitude. I loved the food; the rest was for me just another way in getting back into the swing working for a company not being mine. Everything is via translator and when the boss tells them they tell you fabricated truth. Since a year I try to get a paper from both companies stating when I had worked there and in what position. No response whatsoever. The working moral is totally different to the western world.   

    Lindsey Fikes

    Thank you for the advice to be cautious about being taken advantage of in employment, I have lived in Italy before and have visited Sudan and know that business can be very different in other countries. I will be mindful of this while negotiating salaries and in my research on companies.

    Goustan BODIN

    Contact ALSA (Alain Landscape Studio and Associates) on my behalf.

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