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    Jason T. Radice

    Here is an article updating the all out brawl between Architect Andreas Duany and Landscape Architect Charles Waldheim and their repected design theories. They met face to face (would have loved to have been there for this one!)



    Tosh K

    This seems obscenely shallow…  

    I would have liked to have read an article articulating the challenges Duany and Waldheim were responding to when they began taking their positions regarding urbanism (Duany I believe is responding to post-WWII suburban sprawl and Waldheim to the urban areas lacking consideration of pre-existing ecological functions).  It’s my understanding that NU has pursued the cultural side and has successfully marketed the product (implementation as housing market allows, LU is gradually making its impact in urban infrastructure (implementation as infrastructure gets replaced -currently increasing as our aging infrastructure fails, europe’s is mostly older and therefore sooner).  Each has gaps which is written here in part.


    I’d like to see MVV’s response to being called a landscape urbanist – if I recall he takes a great deal of interest in the personal experience of space and meaning far more than the LU’s position.  Not that it excludes the ideas of ecology and urbanism as a cultural construct, but MVV’s work is far more compelling than most LU work.


    Trace One

    Thanks for post, Jason!

    mark foster

    I don’t know a lot about “landscape urbanism”, but it sounds like Arendt’s “conservation planning”.   Are there substantive differences?

    Roland Beinert

    For anyone who wishes they could have seen this, take a look at the panelists for one of the general sessions at the ASLA convention:
    Mark, I don’t think landscape urbanism and conservation subdivisions are the same thing. Randall Arendt came to U of Idaho a few months ago and gave a talk and a workshop. I got the impression he was in favor of new urbanism, but thought incremental change was better than large projects.

    Ben S.

    You can watch the Duany/Waldheim closing plenary at:



    Alan Ray, RLA

    Is this just architects trying to put us la’s in our place,  and elbow in on our work?


    This topic was the conversation flow in the office this week. The video of the talk at the CNU was enlightening and thought provoking at the same time. I have felt the Landscape Urbanism was the correct approach, but there was no name given to it other than stewardship or design with nature neither of which were inclusive enough. And sustainable design was redundant as far as I am concerned. Because why would you design anything that was not sustainable.  My hope is that there will be a series of BMP’s that will be prepared that does not require a point acquisition process.

    Roland Beinert

    Do you really think this is about landscape architecture vs. architecture? I really don’t think it is. There are plenty of landscape architects who support new urbanism. Personally, I think new urbanist principles are a great starting point for urban design.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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