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    I agree with the landscape architects on this forum making the point that you need to abide by the laws. In your country, state, province, territory, or other subpolitical body within that country, if the title “Landscape Architect” and/or the “practice of landscape architect” is regulated in a manner that requires licensure to use the title or practice landscape architecture (as in offering and performing landscape design work that REQUIRES a license. Work that does not require a license is called ‘landscape design’. You may refer to the the academic and art of landscape design as landscape architect when you are not doing so in the context of procuring projects with prospective client, marketing your business, doing such work for clients, etc. It’s like I am not a licensed Architect and must use the title ‘building designer’ instead and refer to such services as “building design” services. Of course, there are places in the world that is not regulated so I can refer to such services as architectural services in connection with projects in those locations but not for projects in my state. The same principle also applies with the realm of landscape architecture & landscape design. The point is about not representing yourself as someone who is licensed. NOTE: In the U.S., the term “license” or “licensed”, or “licensure” and sometimes the use of the term “Registered”, when it comes to occupational licensure/registration, is issued by a governmental agency or department otherwise they are called ‘certifications’ which is usually issued by a professional association / certification organization. Both are valid credentials that you can use to market yourself as someone who has been professionally assessed by third-parties…. and that it is not just your word.

    It is important that we respect the licensure process as we also would respect professional certification and their respective credential/titles. If you want to use the Landscape Architect title and practice landscape architecture then get do the work to the get the license. If you want to do work of similar nature but not go through the work of getting licensed, there are good professional alternatives that you can make a good living and be a respected profession even among your professional colleagues that are licensed such as landscape design and use the landscape designer title. There is even a professional association and certification for landscape designers from the APLD. I’m currently working on the building designer certification from AIBD. I am also looking to possibly getting the APLD certification.

    I’ve read several of the comments from Landscape Architects and their beef with people who are not licensed using the title. While I agree with their ‘beef’, I don’t necessarily agree with the tone that some of them have used. However, their point should not be disregarded. I’ve seen this kind of stuff before in regular ol’ Architecture forums with licensed Architects griping about unlicensed persons calling themselves architects and even engaging in work that requires a license while not under the direct supervision & control of a licensed/registered Architect.

Viewing 196 post (of 196 total)
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