Occupy Wall Street – Are you with it?

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    Trace One

    Good  choice, Roland, I saw Moyers make this speech earlier – he seems to be, unfortunately, irreplaceable..thanks for the clip.


    Trace One

    Read all this on the Guardian, Henry..Always am confused by Naomi Wolfe vs. Naomi Klein, who is I think The Shock Doctrine?

    Anyway, good stuff! I have been thinking how amazing it is that the fascist state apparatus that resulted from the 9/11 attack under George Bush has so quickly morphed into exactly what we leftists feared..So quickly!!!!

    We are currently siting two communications boxes on a scenic highway,. for which my compatriot has spent a million hours to write a report to say that the boxes should be – wait for it – brown!!

    But one of the boxes is empty!!!

    Homeland Security gaining real estate?


    Trace One

    I’ll invite you out when I get there..

    : )

Viewing 3 posts - 196 through 198 (of 198 total)

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