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    ashley cruz

    I am in charge of the 2015 revamp of our office materials library.  I don’t think it has been touched since at least, 2012.  I think we are going to keep a few hard copies of lighting options and site furniture – but will mostly be digital.

    How is your office organized in terms of your materials library?  I’m looking for ideas!

    Thank you! ashley

    Jamie Chen

    You could upload and categorize the supplier catalog pdfs on a company cloud; either on in house cloud or on something like Google Drive, Drop Box, etc. 

    You could organize it by product type or supplier name (however makes the most sense) and additionally, the time stamps on the file creations mean that it would be easy to see if something is outdated and in need of re-uploading. 

    In the case of my previous employment’s price list of irrigation parts used for install, I set up something more intuitive than a spreadsheet using so that the most current prices were immediately visible for estimates and invoicing. The irrigation contractor supplier we worked with did have their own spreadsheet they emailed to us, but everything was organized by arcane SKU numbers and with manufacturer names that were not at all the same as what our technicians used. I made lists concentrating on the part types, breaking them down by diameter size with their individual prices. 

    Tosh K

    I second this, although the newest format has this a bit skewed for site work (Masterformat separates by trade, or at least is intended to – which may be an issue for some manufacturers as they do items across sections, say lighting and site furnishings or green walls and planters).  Most suppliers will list their pertinent sections on their catalogs/specs.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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