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    Thomas J. Johnson

    Heres’ something fun and light hearted. No economy, no LARE, no programs or process. Enjoy.


    While checking out Pantone’s color of the year (honeysuckle), I came across a sub-site of theirs that determines your astrological Pantone color. Hey, if Pantone stands behind it, it must be accurate, right?


    Now instead of asking “what’s your sign?” you can ask other design geeks “what’s your color?” So, without further ado, what’s your color and do you like it / does it reflect your personality?




    Vista Blue
    15-3930 TPX

    The more I look at it, the more I like it. A lot! The hippy-dippy-trippy writeup is even pretty accurate. Maybe there is something to this astrology business…


    I’m Garden Green…and I’ll have to agree with Thomas…creepily accurate…














    Trace One

    I love this – but I don’t know – “Orchid Hush” – is me..Compassionate, artistic, poetic..




    Maybe there’s another color for the bad side..

    : ).

    Brett Lord

    This is incredibly accurate. Interesting, thanks for posting.

    Thomas J. Johnson

    Black orchid? Gun metal gray?

    Jason T. Radice

    Scarry accurate. I don’t normally subscribe to this stuff, but this pegged me. I have a closet full of shirts this color, I have shoes this color, the interior of my car is this color, even my couch is this color (well, close). I even have a version of my logo in this color, maybe I should switch it from the monochrome? Guess I’m more like FLW than I though, but his color was Cherokee Red.

    Thomas J. Johnson

    Nice! I saw a Jeep CJ7 this color for sale the other day. It was “Hugger” orange, the same color used on the General Lee in Dukes of Hazard. I wouldn’t think an entire car this color would work but it did. It looked rad.

    Fulya Mavituna Or

    I’m Beetroot Purple But I’d prefer blue shades =) I like it. Thanks Thomas =))




Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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