Plant information databases?

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    Gil Lopez

    Anyone out there have a great resource for looking up plant material info? Preferably free and online. I use but it probably isn’t the most comprehensive.
    Size at time of planting vs mature size is an important issue as well. I also use Betrock’s PlantFinder when specifying and determning acvailiability plant material but I would like to find something that provides regularly updated or averaged information about height, spread and caliper of containerized plants in the nurseries.

    Kevin J. Gaughan

    Gil, try this out. It is one of my favorite resources when it comes to plants.

    Dave’s Garden: Plantfiles

    The only downfall is I believe you only get up to 10 free searches per day. (but this can be avoided if you search in google and find the link that brings you to their site)

    Colin T. Bright

    I’ve had a lot of luck with the Kemper Center Plantfinder. Not that great for nursery info, but everything else seems to be spot on…

    I think until I get motivated enough to make my own database, I’ll never be entirely satisfied with anything out there.

    Rico Flor

    Other than Googling, I get images from; I would assume the palette would survive Florida’s Hardiness Zone? Not much of help for temperates, though…

    Thanks for sharing all your links too, BTW…

    Beth Scott

    Not exactly what you’re looking for, but a comprehensive online source is the USDA PLANTS database – especially good for native plants.

    Andrew Spiering

    Check out the nursery section of the Library. San Marcos Growers and Monrovia are by far the best online resources I have found for plant material.

    Gil Lopez

    Hey thanks, these area all great. Not all apply to my temperate zone but hopefully they will all be useful to someone out there. Keep em’ coming!

    Rich Bensman

    I know this isn’t quite what you are looking for, but worthwhile none the less. The University of Minnesota has a great online plant database that tracks hundreds (perhaps thousands?) of wholesale nursery catalogs. Next time your contractor claims the plant you want isn’t available you can point them in the right direction.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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