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    Dear all,

    I just finished my Landscape Arch. portfolio. I intent to send it out to firms. I dont know anyone here in Portugal that can help me correct it. Could anyone give me some brief feedback please…

    Just message me or email me at juan.rodriguezmartin@asu.edu

    thank you all.



    Nick Mitchell

    I would definitely downsize the file size, 82MB is huge. From personal experience I have received “return to sender” emails from a portfolio that was only 8MB. I am having trouble downloading this file and I’m on a high-speed connection. My advice would be to post it on a portfolio, photo album website like Behance Network (http://www.behance.net/) there are a lot of sites like these. The one I currently use is Carbonmade (http://nickmitchell.carbonmade.com/) which works great. Its easy to navigate and it very compatible. 

    Jonathan Nelsen

    I definitely agree with Nick…get that file size down.  Ensure that your pdfs are flattened.  If need be, save as a .jpg, then convert back to pdf.  This should greatly reduce file size.  One thing on the portfolio, I think maybe you could eliminate some of the text describing each project and just let the project speak for itself.  Leave in key words, but I think a few sentences should describe the design objective well enough.  You can also include the project location but on the ASU plaza project for example, you go into a lot of detail describing the site that may not be relevant to readers.  My first portfolio contained a lot of text, but as I continue to modify it, I have found that less text not only looks cleaner, but as one of my professors likes to say”  if I had prepared more, I would have said less”.  Just my opinion..



    Sorry about that guys…working on it right now…=)


    Thank you Very much Jon! That was very helpful! I am gona work on both the file size and those things u described! =)


    I reduced the file…A little bit better…=)

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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