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    Hey All-

    Has anyone come across some pretty unique, hip, contemporary ideas for portfolio binding as well as some ‘spicy’ covers?  In addition, I am also looking at paper types, and really like the Mohawk 100% recycled paper.  Any other suggestions?  Thanks for your input.




    I prefer binding that is simple, functional (won’t break), and cheap (who knows how many you have to send out). Black plastic spiral binding works for me and it has a cool industrial feel to it that goes well with the kind of work I do.

    For paper, you usually want to use a type that works best with your printer. If there is a paper store in your area, check it out since you can take samples of their paper for you to test which renders your work the best with the printer you will use. Some papers also have strange splotches on them if you look at it with bright light, so I avoid those. I prefer matte paper with high brightness that is a bit thicker, but not too thick.

    Ryland Fox

    Japanese stab binding is pretty nice, I haven’t used it but always plan to.

    Walter Norris Bone

    Hi David, first consider electronic format portfolios.  It is very costly to keep printing and sending like the old days when I was in school.  Deliver a hard copy on any interviews you go to.  You can create your portfolio in PowerPoint initially and it is easily printable at a later date from a PDF file.  I have also used MyPublisher.com to print final copies of projects showing the entire design process, construction photos and finished project.  Very similar to a coffee table book and good to take on interviews.

    Many templates, colors, graphics, etc can be used.  You can do it per project, linking back to your main portfolio with similar graphics, etc.  A more economical method to display, send and preserve your hard earned work.

    Attached is a sample of a portion of one of mine for the Galaxy Mega Resort in Macau, SAR China that opened last year.


    Just a thought.

    Andrew Spiering

    Hi David,

    Definitely check out all of Jennifer De Graaf’s posts on the Land8 Blog.  Here is one specific to your question: 8 Resources for your Printed Portfolio

    I hope this helps!


    Walter Norris Bone

    Yes, very nice Andrew.  I agree about the hand drawing.  Seems most professionals now have lost the art of drawing.  There as a great article in LA Magazine a few years back by James Richards called “Freehand Renaissance”.  Just simple sketching skills can break you away from the pack as well.

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