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    Dale Harrop


    Just finished up redoing my portfolio and want to get some feedback on it,

    any feedback appreciated.




    Doug Davies

    1. Way too much text…

    2. Some of you sheet layouts look fantastic (specifically the second spread in the lake ruataniwha project. Continue that style throughout. 

    3. Get some better tree cut outs if you are doing to make a section like you did on page 15, I understand the look you are going for with the buidlings but it just doesnt work with the trees. It looks a bit sloppy. Check out my blog here http://atdigital.wordpress.com/2012/12/12/links-2/ I have some links to some cut outs for people, trees, vehicles, etc.

    4. The 3d rendering at the end, add some Photoshop. Running Vray by itself does not show any higher level of 3d skill than just hitting export in SketchUp.  The sketches are great because they are supposed to be loose and can be unrefined, but the 3d renderings with Vray are supposed to be polished finished graphics, nobody does process diagramming using SketchUp and Vray and it distracts from your great sketches. Check out alexhogrefe.com to get some ideas on how to dress these up. (One last note, the street planters you have in the last sketch do not work, those curb cuts would never get water to them.)

    4. Play up your site plans, they look fantastic, your process sketches as well. 

    Great portfolio and good luck!


    Dale Harrop

    Great thanks very much



    Good work, though I would add more (or enlarge) persepctives to give your portfolio some punch. Plans and analysis are great, but they put people to sleep


    Dale Harrop

    Thanks very much for the advice


    Dale Harrop

    Printed it at a3 the text is fine but some of the smaller diagrams and perspectives need to be enlarged, thanks for the advice

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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