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    James DeRoussel

    After years of working as a landscape designer, I have completed all LARE exams and submitted to the Arizona BTR for Landscape Architectural Registration.  


    Now I am on the hunt for professional liability insurance.  I have only gotten one quote, from Leatzow Insurance, who came highly recommended on this site.  Being a frugal and thorough type, I would like to get multiple quotes.  Does anyone here have any other insurance providers they would recommend for professional liability?  

    Thanks in advance.

    James DeRoussel


    Andrew Garulay, RLA

    Are you going to be doing design/build with your own company doing the installations? If not, I think that you probably want errors & omissions insurance rather than liability insurance.


    My agent gave me “Victor Schinnerer (sp) Insurance Company” application forms for E&O.

    mark foster


    This has been discussed in various forms before on land8.  It is difficult to give/get accurate information on this site because insurance regulation is a state affair, and what may be true in Ohio won’t be in California.   I suggest talking with other local professionals or talking with a local independent insurance agency which may give you competitive quotes.


    Kristopher Brown

    Keller-Lowry out of Colorado is great at what they do.  They will ‘hunt’ for the best quotes.

    Outstanding customer service as-well~!

    Here is our rep:

    Teresa Heupel, CISR
    Account Manager
    Phone: 303.753.8428 (800)753-9909

    Les Ballard

    it is always a good idea to go to a large broker and ask them to get you a quote from the market to suit your own circumstances.  You may fancy asking insurers direct then find you actually dont save money even paying a brokers commission.  The answer is awlays a lemon though, u got to suck it to see how sweet it is.  Another thing is that the broker should have wording specialists to safeguard you and like a lawyer you can sue them if they foul up (or issue third party notice of you get sued).  You may consider that is worth their commission.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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