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    Gita Adriani Putri

    Hi Guys, how are you?

              I need help again. Does anyone knows what kind of program that can be use to drag image references or materials into the picture that we want to diplay? Some friends told me that ipad has that programs, but is there other programs that we can use for design from computer? We try to make it on flash program but the results is not like our expectation. ( I have attached our sample in this forum) RPA-BAL-04.swf  We want to drag it into the presentation not click it and with the proper scale and perspective. If anyone has information for this, it really help us a lot. Thank you.


    Gita Adriani

    Goustan BODIN


    Could you please elaborate on your need : what you want to achieve is not very clear to me.

    Do you want to make a printed or interactive online presentation ? Can’t you use Photoshop or equivalent to do it ?

    Gita Adriani Putri

    Hi Goustan,

    Thank you for your reply. We want to make an interactive presentation or a kind of application that client can use. Like in the flash file that i”ve attached before u just have to click the materials on the right side and everything on the picture is change. But we want to drag the material into the pictures not click it. Like playing a child game, that you can drag the dress or make up to the person (its more to girls game.. hehe) and change the dress, hair, etc. But we want to do that on our live presentation, so when we explain to the client what type of plants we want to use we just directly drag the pictures plants to our design.  But with proper scales and perspective.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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