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    John Palisin

    For those of you who are PM’s and/or use a software to manage your project tasks (ex. Microsoft Project),

    I’m looking for one so if you have recommendations and/or feedback it would be appreciated.


    Thank you.

    Eric Gilbey

    John, I would recommend Include Software’s Asset if you are within the design/build realm…or you may also want to take a look at Fasttrack by AEC Software for project management within the LA’s construction document production process.

    Boyd Coleman

    John, I use Microsoft Project at work. It’s a little daunting at first. But once you start playing with it, it’s fairly intuitive. I also downloaded an iPad app called SG Project Pro. It’s expensive for an iPad app. $40. But it seems comparable to Project and it’s a lot cheaper too. I haven’t started playing with it yet, but I’m going to run my next project with it.


    I recommend Latitude project management software. We replaced MS Project with it, because of its easy to maintain modules for job tracking, task, timesheets, reports, quotes and billing. I find it very fast and a great solution for project management.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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