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    For those who’ve taken Section C, have you run into a vignette that is essay style (with comparisons)? I’ve come across a few in practice tests and I was wondering if they can still be in the test or were they removed along with planting/lighting?

    Scott Hamilton

    Yes, writting is still part of the exam. From what Ive seen you have to design a site plan of a park, commercial site, or residential community and then write about the implications your site has both on and off site. Hope that helps, good luck.

    David Lorberbaum

    When I took the exam in the summer of 2008 there were not any “essay” or comparison type problems. I am not sure if they still have those on exams anymore. I know that friends and colleagues that have taken the exam the past couple of times have not had any problems like that either.

    That’s not to say they will not have one this go around. So to answer your question I have no idea if they have been removed or not. I just know the past year and a half they have not had one on the exam. I hope this helps and good luck!

    Steve Roberts

    I don’t know what test David took, but the essay question was on the test every time I took it. And I took it the summer of 2008. It is only about a paragraph or two so no big deal. Just state whole sentences and spell everything right. The PPI book has good examples of the format. I suggest that you take a review class. The no essay question must be an Alabama thing, because it’s always on CLARB tests.


    Thanks, I’ve heard from others that they had not seen it in winter of 08. I’m actually hoping there is one as they are relatively quick and in a way a time saver.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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