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    Thanks I will make sure to look through your photos.

    Since our installation our raingarden has apparently received several large storm events with the berm holding up and the system draining well. I will certainly be watching it over time to see its performance. The raingarden is currently under 4 ft of snow, so the spring may be a good time to judge how durable it is.

    Has anyone had experience working these systems into urban conditions?

    Tanya Olson

    See the work of Joan Nassauer and the CIty of Maplewood MN. There was an article on them a couple of issues back in LAM. That is more suburban (older suburbs, though, so more dense than suburbs are now) – no curb and gutter had been installed yet so they have been able to utilize existing draininage ditches a bit.
    One cool project is in Albuquerque at the children’s science museum – another parking lot infiltration area, though not a wetland – spatially, it works well with the parking lot making a more pedestrian-friendly atmosphere. Though it didn’t significantly reduce the size of the parking lot it makes it SEEM a lot smaller….


    I am working on a rainwater harvesting system for a residential client that includes bioswales/infiltration and water-reuse. The client is seeking LEED platinum status for his project.
    Also, I am working on several streetscape projects that are including stormwater initiatives that include bioswales and permeable paving.
    Additionally, my firm is working on a public school that will feature rain gardens/bioswale areas with interactive signage that teaches kids about stormwater management.

    Colm Dooley


    I will certainly post some images of the grass roof as soon as i can. I have been taking photos through the construction phase, I only seeded the roof in september and there is not much to look at at the moment.
    ~I am hoping by the end of the summer there should be a nice sward and lots of wildflowers on the roof.
    So once that has happened you will be one of the first to see them



    Philip, for your streetscape projects were you using bioswales or bioretention planters?

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)
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