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    Rob Halpern
    Barbara Peterson

    That is incredible. Would like to see the bridges during the monsoon period to see how high above the river they are. Super clever!

    michael vipond

    never get tired of looking at these! I wonder if something like this could be done in a more urban setting? a community project to ‘grow a bridge’ would be pretty cool.


    Awesome, inspiring.


    500 years old?that can be a cultural heritage

    Heather L. Venhaus

    Amazing!  What a wonderful example of regenerative design – I love how the local children are taught the craft and anticipate their grandchildren using the bridges.  I want to go visit!

    Richard Aubol

    Awesome! I daresay this may be the idea form of building, growing structures. It’s something I’ve dreamed of, but to see it done so beautifully, it’s inspiring

    Les Ballard

    I have spoken before about making living furniture, eg growing trees as a bench or a shelter, with a tree leaning away a little way off as a lightning conductor, that is surprisingly vandal proof. The fact is we have rules, regulations, laws and lawsuits re safety but anything we can do to ameliorate the use of cold plastic and concrete seems a good idea and would be pleased if the video inspired some people.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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