Recessed Utility Access Lids for Unit Pavers

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    Daniel Kovach

    Hello All;  I am looking for access covers for a utility trench in a pedestrian area recessed to fit unit pavers.  The power company thinks steel covers are very beautiful, but we are trying to disguise this one into the paving.

    Thank You


    Jason T. Radice

    Sounds like a custom detail and fabrication job.


    Geoffrey Campbell

    Hi Daniel, whats the paving composition (base, joints, paver dimension) and the utility type and cover, is it a manhole?  It’s tough to grasp exactly what’s going on from the given information.  Are you looking to camoflouge the access or cover with pavers?



    Charles Riley

    Hi Daniel


    I work for in the UK and we specialise in this type of access cover, our HIAC access cover model.


    I have passed your details to our agent in Cincinnati, called Bogart International. Speak with Jenny.


    All the best.


    Daniel Kovach

    Geoffrey; Thanks for the reply.  This is a utility trench between an electrical transformer and the main distribution room for a senior apartment building.  (The transformer is located very near the main entry to the building to access the electrical room located very near the main entry by the architect; Hmmmm…..)  The power company requires an accessible cable trench from the transformer to the building.  Attached is a sketch of the application; 2′-8″ wide.  We will adjust the paving to work with the cover.


    Wyatt Thompson, PLA

    Bummer. I probably could have used this on a recent project. We went a totally different instead, but this would have been a good (maybe even a better) option. Thanks for the link and info; I’ll keep it in mind for next time.


    Ernst Glaeser

    Hey Daniel,

    There are hundreds of manufacturers around dealing with all sorts of recessed m’hole covers, all clsses; material, depth. have look here, nice pics

    try your search engine with “recessed manhole cover”,




    Daniel Kovach

    Are there no US manufacturers of these products out there??


    Daniel Kovach

    Ernst; Yes, I’ve been to this site.  Good information, but I didn’t find much direction on manufacturers there.  Thanks


    Steve Mercer

    Hi Daniel


    Here is a link for a mfgr of the recessed tray covers discussed on



    Best Wishes,




    Chad Dornsife

    We manufacter a varity of access and manhole covers here in the USA that accept pavers, concrete, asphalt etc.

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