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    Jessica Lutter

    I’m taking a trip to Rome next week with my husband and kids (aged 9 and 6).  I’m wondering if any of you have recommendations for inspiring books to read while I’m there (not that I’ll need any more inspiration) to supplement the experience.  Also, any recommendations for specific places to see since I’ll need to prioritize and also tips for doing it with kids would be great!

    Trace One

    Don’t read Dan Brown! People tried to make maps from his tales – it is all fiction!
    How about Roman Holiday, with Audrey the most elegant woman in the world Hepburn..that should put you in the mood..Or anything by Fellini…
    and DON’T stand around in the Coliseum.

    Adam Trujillo

    It’s well worth the bus ride to go to see Villa D’Este in Tivoli. It was my favorite thing about visting Rome. I actually forget how long the bus ride is. Maybe 30-45 min? Can’t really remember. But it was worth it! Loved the garden and the fountains. I think you kids are going probably going to have a lot a fun here too because of all the water and action going around. It’s really something you are not going to regret doing. Plus, just think, you’ll have all your own photos of all those Villa D’Este fountains you see in hundreds of garden books : )

    Oh, on another note, when you go to the Vatican (which is amazing!) go up to the top of the dome. I didn’t and regret it because I hear its pretty amazing.

    And the Sisten Chapel was a pain in the butt to wait in line for. I think it took us almost 3 hours to get into that room. And when we got in there were crazy woman guards yelling at everyone and it was super packed… So that might not be the best choice if you have little ones. You end up spending most of your time waiting outside and standing in rooms filled with meaningless art waiting to get into the Chapel.


    Terry Smith

    Adam is right. Hands down, the Villa D’este was awesome and the highlight of my Europen trip. Well worth the time to visit.

    Jessica Lutter

    Thanks for the recommendations! We got back two days ago and saw all three. Amazing trip! I did a paper on Villa d’Este this semester so, of course, we had to go there. It was my favorite part of the trip as well. You’re right about my kids – they LOVED it! I think I took about 100 photos. Thanks again!

    Aaron Coleman

    Spanish Steps – great place to chill out and people watch

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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