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    Emily Podolak

    I am doing multiple projects for contract work and am looking for an app that can help me document my time and create invoices. Any recommendations?




    I absolutely LOVE

    Cloud based accounting and they’re adding features almost monthly. Its really straight forward with a clean, simple interface. Ability to generate a number of reports including P&L, expenses, invoices by client, status, etc. and they just added a feature to allow connection to your banks account for automatic expense tracking.

    One thing I do though is I like to generate my own invoices via excel. I just prefer my template. I track time and expenses via fb and generate the invoice I send out via excel. When I send I mark the inv as ‘sent’ in fb and paid’ when its paid, etc. Works flawlessly for me. I have the $19.95/month plan.


    Diana Pink

    I use Harvest (I have the Solo plan $19/month), for tracking time/timesheets, expenses, invoices and tracking payments.  They also do have apps for the iPhone and Android to help you track time on the go.

    A nice thing is that both Harvest and Freshbooks will give you a free trial, so you see if they work for you.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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