Recycled Asphalt

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    Kevin J. Gaughan

    First, have any of you used recycled asphalt paving on a job? The kind I am thinking of is where they take crushed asphalt and spread it like gravel. Apparently, overtime it will start to bind together again. I can not find any nice applications of this process, however, and was wondering if any of you have used it.

    Second, if you have used it successfully or seen it used successfully, do you have any pictures to share?

    Lucy Wilson

    I personally haven’t used it but I think what you mean has been used on the Great Flat Lode Trail by Carnkie in Cornwall. My contact was at the Mineral Tramways Project at Cornwall County Council.
    It looks ok for the purpose – an multi user trail round former mining district, if a little soggy in places where compaction varied but that’s more to do with the installation than the material.
    Good luck! long view and close up of edge treatment pics attached (it was a particularly gloomy day, the sun does shine occasionally here!)

    Kevin J. Gaughan


    Thank you very much for the pics and your comments. And, I like the gloom…it makes the green look prettier, haha.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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