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    Mike Z

    Does anyone have any knowledge of the salary climate in the state of Florida for new hires (mid level designers)? I came across a fairly informative 2013 survey posted on asla (free to download) of graduating students. While it doesn’t give exact data on the state of Florida, the results are interesting considering that only a couple of years ago people were supposedly working for free in different parts of the country.

    Reported starting salaries for undergrads:

    <30k = 5 (9.1%)

    30-34.9 = 7 (12.7%)

    35-39.9 = 10 (18.2%)

    40-44.9 = 11 (20%)

    45-49.9 = 5 (9.1%)

    50-59.9 = 2 (3.6%)

    not finalized yet = 16 (29.1%)

    Here’s a link to the full survey:  asla survey

    I’m a little surprised that such a large percentage were in the 40-50 range right out of school.  It makes me wonder what kind of salaries those with some experience under their belt are getting at this time. If anyone has a good feel for what’s going on in Florida, you may PM me if you wish to be anonymous, I’d appreciate the insight.



    The salary numbers seem about right and havent diverged much from the natl avg a few years ago. One thing to take into consideration is that some of those salaries may be hourly and/or seasonal. 

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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