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    Ryan A. Waggoner

    This is an effort in San Francisco showing that by calling a project a “pilot”, they can forego many of the policies and procedures that drag down useful ideas. The best is that they have been trying to figure out this public space for 17 years. In only 72 hours, they were able to see the possibilities of the space. Instead of a public safety red zone, it is now becoming an attractive, useful outdoor space.

    And now the project has been approved for another 4 months,

    This made me wonder if we are spending too much time wrapped up in bureaucracy in design and don’t take enough iniative with our public spaces. And maybe even the best ideas aren’t worth getting to if it takes 17 years?? Any thoughts on the subject?

    Melanie Reber, RLA

    I like…. LOVE it!

    Finally! SF and other municipalities are embracing the whole concept of ‘landscape as ever changing space’. Bravo!

    J. Waldron, RLA

    It’s a great idea. We need to be bold with efforts to recapture pedestrian space from the vehicular environment. More so, we need to eliminate impervious surfaces from those spaces and reintroduce vegetation into the landscape. A little water would be good too. People attract people, food attracts more people to spaces and comfortable micro climates attract even more. But san francisco is a micro climate unto itself

    Trace One

    yes, the value of the single creative designer gets TRASHED through charettes (GACK!!) …have thought that for years..Hate Charettes!

    Tom Fitzgerald

    I walk by this little plaza all the time. It’s fantastic and everyone really seems to be liking it, except the bikers. Apparently it’s blocking a bike lane or something.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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