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    Megan Padilla

    I’m an editor with Garden Design magazine and would like to see more of the work by landscape architects in Florida, where our magazine is based (Winter Park, near Orlando). Please feel free to contact me with information about your latest projects, your website, etc.

    Megan Padilla

    Addendum: We are interested in seeing projects from anywhere in the world.

    Nicholas Pugliese

    I have some beautiful residential projects in the Princeton NJ area. I also have a number of projects that construction will begin on this spring. Moon also has a very unique history as the oldest landscape nursery in the country (1767).

    Bill Wilber

    Hi Megan –
    I don’t have a residential project for you to cover, but I recently completed a courtyard renovation at Flagler Hospital in St. Augustine. the dedication ceremony is actually tonight.
    The existing courtyard was a bout 10 years old and was designed for design sake. Not for the users. The main benefactors, Clark & Alice Alger, had a vision to create a Tranquility Garden where the patients, families, and employees of Flagler Hospital could reflect, meditate and relax.
    We kept a small portion of the existing hardscape and revamped the rest, reusing the old concrete pavers in a new configuration, and we added 4 new pergola structures, new landscape lighting, new fountain feature. Also, being in a hospital I thought it would be intersting to use a plant palette comprised entirely of plants that have some sort of medicinal heritage. (i.e. Saw Palmetto, used to treat prostate cancer) and cross-referencing those with plants that are low maintenance and low water use.
    I have a few pictures on my website ( that you can view to get an idea of the finished product.
    Please let me know if you are interested in further discussing the details.
    – Bill
    P.S. I am a subscriber to your magazine, and I use it frequently for inspiration in my designs.

    Megan Padilla

    HI Bill, will you send me the above message to my work email account?

    Thanks! I have been interested in these healing gardens and like that your plant palette reflects that as well.

    All best,

    Megan Padilla

    Hi Nicholas,

    I’d love to see some pictures. Feel free to send a disc of images (labled by project) with a description of the project to me. Write to me at and I’ll send you all my info.


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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