Securing Roof Garden Furniture

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    Hi All-

    I am working on my first roof terrace garden.  We want to use moveable furniture, but the client is concerned about it blowing off the roof and injuring someone below.  There are hundreds of rooftop gardens in the world, how is this concern typically handled? 

    Some ideas we have come up with:

    -lightweight furniture that someone can move inside in case of a storm (con: people aren’t able to move it inside fast enough, or a storm brings winds unexpectedly)

    -very heavy furniture that is not easily blown around (con: harder for people to move the chairs to an arrangement they like, very high winds can move incredible weights, heavy furniture is usually more expensive)

    -tether the furniture with an eye-bold/cable system which allows for some movement, but won’t blow off the roof (con: can be unsightly)

    Any advice on how others have handled this is appreciated!

    Cassaundra Dawes

    As far as outdoor furniture, Debbi Somers at Somer’s furniture has a lot of experience and knowledge and probably has some great ideas for your design dilemma. You can reach her through Teresa at Somer’s furniture 702-831-1717 x207. I hope she can be of some help to you.


    Add some hidden weights underneath the furniture? Could work depending on the type of furniture 🙂  

    Also, if your gut tells you the stuff isn’t realistically ever going to be blow off, feel confident suggesting that you feel it would be fine. Good luck!


    Thank you so much Cassaundra! I will give her a try!



    We are suggesting tether….we’ll see where it goes? I think lightweight furn that could easily be brought inside is an idea too….

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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