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    mustafa kamal

    We are interested to set up Landscape design office in Malaysia or Philippines for projects in the Middle east and South Asia. Where can we find  Landscape architects and what would be the cost to set up a medium scale office ?




    Where can you find landscape architects?  Just place some online ads.  The resumes will come pouring in.  As for set up costs, you need to figure out how much space you’ll need and then talk to some commercial realtors about leasing such space.  Desks, computers &  CAD & Adobe CS software, my very rough ballpark is about $15K each.  Going to insure your people?  I have no idea what that might run in those countries. Break room, conference room, coffee maker, data storage, off-site backup, plan storage…what else?

    Thomas J. Johnson

    1. Do they have craigslist in the Philippines?

    2. I can guarantee the successful establishment of a landscape design studio anywhere in SE Asia if you can provide me with government clearance to poses small amounts of hashish, bi-monthly all-expense-paid trips to Bangkok and a 2.5 million dollar advance in order to properly research suitable locations for your Malaysian satellite office.

    Thank you for your inquiry. If you would like to proceed, please wire the advancement funds, at your earliest convenience, to my Western Credit Union account #365321185.

    Yours Truly,

    Prince John Thompson      

    mustafa kamal

    Henry, i’m very sorry that the website could not provide you with the required information as it is being updated, and will give you all the information in a while. Our company is one of the leading Landscape/Design companies in Pakistan and has the largest portfolio in terms of clients. They range from Government to private projects and residences. Our company has hired architects from the leading architecture universities.National Collage of Arts and University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore. As landscape architecture is not a proper major in any of Pakistani universities.

    Our company has expanded its services to the middle east; like Saudi Arabia. To provide a new and international perspective to the landscape business of the region. We need an office in Malaysia or Philippians as a support office for international designs.


    This post was simply so that there’s an insight on the landscape business setting up costs, a normal salary, availability of these people and the cost of office per square foot in the region.

    I hope other people may also benefit from this information. 





    Last month, LA Magazine had an article about acquiring work overseas or in the mideast. While it seems that the answer to the abysmal amount of work here in the US these days is to turn your life upside down and move to another part of the world, many pitfalls, questionable ethics and cultural differences can turn that idea into a bad decision. Midnight phone calls with unprofessional requests and demands, abandoned projects, payoffs that make could crooked NJ politicos blush, and rampant document and drawing theft are only a few problems.

    So before you jump into another world, get ready for another culture. One that could leave you in trouble, broke and overextended. In another place where the where the law, labor rules, licensing rules and standards protecting consultant and client do not exist. And watch out for all those promising the sky overseas. it rains over there, too. Harder.

    Ugh is right, Nick.


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