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    Ada Deniz Sel

    I want to learn advanteges and disadvantages of both 3d programs for drawing proposals. Speed and easiness and also supporness with photoshop is important issue in discussion. After this discussion I will enter a learning group to learn so please help me to decide…
    PS:I added some photos which I want to use technics as simular as them.

    Ada Deniz Sel

    As 3d I mean Studio 3d max


    From what I have heard from those working specifically in more complex programs like Max in professional studios you should really like to do 3D modeling…all day. In other words, particularly from what I’ve heard from architects who use more complex 3D software than LA’s on a regular basis, 3D modelers are often dedicated to their task and not necessarily included in the design process due to the degree of effort required in operating the software and time required modeling and rendering.

    I think it would be great for more to enter into and expand this facet of the profession. I prefer to work mainly in 2D.

    Mind you, There’s a lot more 2D work in the perspectives attached than 3D. Also, the architects more than likely did the architectural modeling. I see very little modeling in the landscape. The second attachment looks like some skp and a lot more ps. They also make me wonder why I’m not currently working in the profession.

    Ryan A. Waggoner

    Very true Nick. The main difference of the two programs are the learning curves and time needed to build 3d models. While sketcup is quick to learn and easy to quickly model fairly simple models, 3dMax is much more difficult to learn and much better at developing more complex models. I have worked with both and see advantages and disadvantages of both. I think both pics you included could be done fairly easy in sketchup. I use sketchup primarily, but would prefer to model in 3dMax, given that once you learn the program it has many more tools to work with. You should check out some of the sketchup discussions and the 3dMax group here on L8L. Good luck Ada!


    It’s also possible to model in sketchup, and texture in a more advance 3d program (i.e. max). I guess it all depends on a firm’s approach to 3d.

    Ada Deniz Sel

    Thank you for replying!!

    luke booth

    It looks like there is very little 3d modeling done in those two images. The second one may just be a hand drawing with photoshop trees, texture and tone. For this, making a sketchup model, printing it, drawing over it to achieve correct line weights and then using photoshop for the rest is the easiest method. I’d say you’ll be best to learn both programs, more or less. Rhino is another program that is far better than sketchup and along the same lines as 3dmax, but it is easier to use. It’s main drawback is the lack of a terrain-from-contours modeling tool. In the end, you’ll want to use certain programs for certain tasks. Don’t limit yourself to one, especially not just sketchup.

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