Specifying LEED stone

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    Daniel Wood

    I’m working on a leed platinum project and I am getting the run around from stone suppliers. Has anyone found a comprehensive list/map of US/Canadian stone quarries by location?

    The project is in Cincinnati Ohio and has about 3000 sf of stone paving, as well as copings and walls. Our super high end client is not very satisfied with the options we have found so far for light colored (SRI of at least 29) stone from within 500 miles. We are primarily finding options in limestone and sandstone, but I’m starting to find a handful of granite quarries at the 466-500 mile range. I know for sure that lots of people are doing the same thing I am, so I am sure that resources for this process must exist somewhere.

    Thanks for your help, any leads you have are welcome, even if they are just rabbit holes to chase down.

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