Spring Cleaning for Florida Landscapes

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    Alice Steven

    Spring is known for planting and regrowth, but it does not just end there. With a new season approaching with new plants or regrowth taking place, cleaning up the landscape and garden shed is equally important, especially in Florida. Refreshing your landscape with Spring cleanup is crucial to make your landscape looking attractive and stay healthy for years to come.

    Following are the basic spring cleanup instructions:

    1. Pruning
    2. Mulch
    3. Fertilizing
    4. Irrigation

    Installing new plants and pollinators, growing vegetables, and adding a seating area to enjoy soothing environments are achievable if you plan the landscaping enhancements or landscaping installations well while incorporating the principles of Florida-friendly landscaping to improve the quality of your lawn.

    Learn more: https://blog.dtelandscape.com/hereonearth/spring-cleaning-for-florida-landscapes

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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