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    Andre Paul

    We’ve done lots of research through web for structural soil mixture that suits in middle east region specially in UAE and Oman but we rarely get one. We are aware that these system were widely used in US, Canada, UK and Australia and we want to bring this system here.Unfortunately this system is new to this part of the world and we do not have the availability of materials. Here we mostly get sandy soil whereas the specified soil (filler soil) should be a good quality type such as clay.


    I will be thankful if someone could share their knowledge?


    Ernst Glaeser

    Is it for hard- or softscape?


    Jason T. Radice

    There are other ways (if not better) to acheive the same results without using structural soils. Even though they are sold in the US, they are not without controversy. It is an expensive way to go, especially if you do not have the required ‘ingredients’ that make the product. There are tree pits with a suspended tree grate, trenches with structural concrete caps, or subterrenean support products such as Deeproot Silva Cells (which advertise on this site) or their competitors. These work by providing an alternate means of supporting for whatever you want to put on them (some can act as drainage systems as well) without requiring the tree to be placed in any kind of compacted soil, which make for better root growth They also provide for an air space between the soil and the surface above that also benefits the tree. The sidewalk never touches the soil.


    What kind of trees did you anticipate planting in the structural soils?  


    Ernst Glaeser

    This is from a spec in Qatar:


    Planting soil and structural soil mix

    The planting soil and structural soil mix shall consist of approved soil, manure and other soil conditioners as specified in the project documentation.

    The mixture shall be placed in accordance with the requirements of the trees, shrubs or grass to be planted.

    Planting medium for trees, shrubs, …

    Particular attention is given to tree planting within granite paved ares. The chosen technical solution is to plant the trees within a structural soil which will both benefit the aeration af the tree roots and provide a suitable foundation for the paving.

    A variety of structural soil systems are possible therefore prior to commencing works the contractor is requierd to provide the client representative with method and execution statements concerning the handling and processing of the structural soil. The method and material must be approved before work begins. Refer to structural soil specification.

    Please refer to appendix 01 for more information concerning structural soil systems. Please refers to structural soil specification chapter x.x.xx and appendix 01 for information concerning structural soil systems.

    The contractor shall be responsible for the procurement, …


    Structural soil mixture for planting ihn Granite paved areas

      and this is another page to type and I’m not doing it – contact me directly for more 

    add. 1 – pamphlet from Cornell University: Using Cu-Structural Soil(TM) in the Urban Environment, Co. 2005 


    Andre Paul


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