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    Megan Padilla

    I’m researching hotels with great gardens. They can be located anywhere in the world. What I’m missing is something very edgy/chic/stylish. In this case, I’m looking for more than great exterior design. It needs to still have an emphasis on plant material and design.

    Any suggestions will be so appreciated!

    Trace One

    Fun topic! I can only think of atrocious ones – a new one at the Hotel Del in Coronado, unbelievable missed opportunity to do something great, and they just did same old same old..
    I thnk Paley Park in Manhattan is probably my favorite small gardens – great design..For edgy, Martha Schwartz’s Whitehouse Insititute, or something like that, and the roof garden for MoMA in Manhattan – not accessible to public..
    In Athens I stayed in some wonderful old hotels with back gardens, boxwood, wonderful..I think the rear gardens (on the other side of the central ‘mall’) that are part of the professors houses, really part of the central mall, at the University of Virginia are also incredibly beautiful and unified designs – you could probably look them up (there are six or eight..) on-line..Not edgy, though, just fabulous strolling experiences…

    Bob Luther

    you can always look to Vegas… themed gardens and themed architecture give you a chance to see what others interperate as the vision of a place.

    Chris Whitis

    The Hotel Modera in Portland has a nice courtyard with Living Wall. Unfortunately, it was under construction when I was there last summer.

    Hotel Modera

    Flickr search

    aerial view

    Megan Padilla

    Believe it or not, Hotel Modera is already on my list. So you are right on with what I’m looking for.

    Ryan A. Waggoner

    haha, I was just there last week (Hotel Del Coronado). I particularly like the sign out front where they say you can get cancer from entering….no joke…and then I entered….

    Les Ballard

    I will be pleased to accept a brief and design something. However, most hotels have to cut according to their cloth in the space they have. Later refurbishments will naturally be edgier though, as always, some goofoff boss always wants to cut corners and save cash. Respectfully, therefore, I would suggest you look at several hotels in London, where space is at a premium and rack rates amongst the highest in the world. Look at The Hilton and The Inn on The Park, The Savoy and The Ritz, The Tower and a couple of dear little boutique hotels in the tourist guide. Especially, call up London roof gardens on Google.

    Luv n Lite

    Les Ballard

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