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    Thomas J. Johnson

    A couple other thoughts… you won’t need the yellow liner / permeable setup leading to the cistern because one good rainfall on that roof will fill up the reservoir. You should be more concerned with handling overflow…

    Are you going to use the cistern to water the whole site? It seems overkill for a small greenwall…

    Bill Delaney


    Sounds ambitious, especially in MN.  I think TJJ’s comments are harsh but right on the money.  Long horizontal run will may freeze in spring and become nice ice sculpture after the pipe bursts with freeze thaw(electrical heat tape maybe).  I am curious about plant species as well.  I applaud people who go out the edge in our lovely climate ( right now it is -8 F) but this better be a demo project or an exploration to see what if.


    Good Luck

    Andy Schilling

    thanks for all the feedback on this discussion (even the ‘fugly’ comment) 🙂   Turns out the design has changed quite a bit..still going with a living wall, but abandoning the downspout connection and going with an above ground tank where irrigation (and winter disconnect) can be better managed.  Permeable pavement will still be used but with the minimal sub base aggregate as the parent soils are well draining.  The project will be installed in 2011.



Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)
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