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    Cliff Jones

    Just curious if anyone has had success finding a job in the past few months.

    I was affected by the current ‘’recession’’, and like many of you have been hitting up all the current career sites. It’s quite eye-opening sending out resumes everyday and getting no response, or the typical thanks, but we’re not hiring at the current time.

    When I graduated in ’06 I was flooded with opportunities, and had my choice of employers.

    Here are few sites, in addition to the Lounge that I’ve been using. Please post any others that may be helpful to those in need of a job.







    7.) – search for government jobs. the corps of engineers always has posts

    8.) – this one has search criteria for green jobs

    Amy Conway

    Thanks so much for starting this list. Unfortunately I have nothing to add at the moment, but I’ll post if I find something. So much for looking forward to graduation!


    I checked this site the other day and there were tons of opportunities. It will take a lot of fortitude to navigate your way through the Federal Government process for hiring but given the times it might be worth it.

    Also, just as a side note, don’t get caught up in just trying to find something in traditional landscape architecture or design offices. Although it may be your ultimate goal and desire there might be other avenues and places that could use your talents. Look in the unlikely places. When I first graduated from college my first job as a landscape designer was working at the Kmart International Headquarters. It wasn’t glamorous work but it afforded me the opportunity to do design work all across the United States. I have designed stores from California to North Carolina, from Maine to Puerto Rico. I have also had the pleasure of doing more prominent work around the headquarters property and other support facilities. You just never know where the services of a landscape designer/architect might pop up.

    Good luck with your search.

    Cliff Jones

    Thanks for the link. I’ve been searching quite diligently for non traditional la jobs, but it seems almost everyone else is as well. I’ve also been applying more to design build firms because they are the only ones who still have steady work coming in the door. I’m curious, how did you get involved with K-mart?

    Anyone know how to find firms that work primarily in the Public Sector?


    Finding the job with Kmart was just out of the blue. I, like most students in the field of Landscape Architecture, thought that my career move upon graduation would be to one of the “big boy” firms. The EDAW’s, EDSA, Sasaki etc., because that is all you ever heard about from every professor. It was during my Spring term just before graduation and everyone was doing the magical job search that the Kmart gig just fell into my lap. The company had called my school and said they were looking and asked the program director if he could recommend someone. He came to me and suggested it. I interviewed and the day before graduation had a job offer in hand. At the time and after all the other interviews I had been through, Kmart offered the most money and best benefits etc. (Those are really important things) My program director suggested that I should stay no longer than a year with this type of company. I was there for 15 years. When I was hired into the company we had a design and construction department that numbered over 500 employees. We were multi-disciplined and it was myself and one other woman who handled all of the landscape / irrigation issues for the company. I was immediately thrust into a management role directing outside LA’s as well as doing my own in-house design. My managers liked me and my work and they basically gave me cart-blanche to do whatever I wanted. Believe me those trips to California for a week during the winter made for a nice perk. On some levels I missed out on increasing my design skills, but I learned a lot about business and the construction industry that most graduates don’t have a clue about. It’s all a balancing act and finding what you like and what you don’t like.

    My skills and background working for a major retailer helped me land my current position. The majority of our firms work is for big box retailers, restaurants and banks and large scale retail development etc. Of course like a lot of firms we too have been hit hard by the economy, but I have survived two rounds of layoffs. I base that not only on my work ethic but my background as a landscape architect. My principle role when I was hired into this firm was site planning. But that has evolved more to landscape design. I wear a number of hats in this office. I have also found that I provide civil engineers with a lot of useful design information based on my experience.

    One of my colleagues who was laid off last summer (registered landscape architect) is now working for JPMorgan/Chase in their site development group. You can find landscape architect’s in industries you would never suspect this is why I say look everywhere you never know who might be looking for you.

    Cliff, I hope this was informative. Good Luck.

    Cliff Jones

    Thanks again for the informative info. It’s opened my eyes to take a different approach, and try to seek out the less sought after jobs; there is a better chance they are available. A classmate of mine, actually does a lot of work for Wal-mart. Believe it or not they are firm pushers of the ”green” movement, more so than most if not all the big box stores. His company had heavy layoffs because Wal-mart evaluated their business practices and did not build any new stores in ’08.

    I made it through about 4 layoffs, and got hit right before Christmas. I’m learning now, I would’ve been better off getting cut with the first batch of people. Now the competition in the Nashville area is overwhelming. You could look at it from the other side and say,”I got to keep my job for 4 more months then they did….”



    You’ve definitely received some good insight. Here are a few other sites you may want to consider looking at: and

    Good luck!

    Steve Roberts

    You forgot a few Cliff

    Also, don’t forget to use headhunters like Aerotek, and Think Energy Group. There is a professional headhunter in Tampa I used to talk to but I can’t seem to find thier information.

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