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    Gabino Carballo

    After a few months fighting for our Institute to come clean on what has been happening with our money, I have sent this message to fellow Members:

    This is my latest letter to Members:

    Dear all,

    I would like to ask you to take 10 minutes of your time to read the document attached. It is made up of 10 slides I hope that it states my case in a rather easy and graphic way. Please pass it on to those EGM petitioners not on the list.

    To the best of my knowledge, everything in it is based on fact and has been properly backed up with documentary evidence.

    90% of the facts are publicly available. Please bear in mind that I have scrutinized all available FInancial Statements going back to 2004. I have read all Minutes of Council Meetings and the published budgets and forecasts from March 2009.

    10% of the facts are based on confidential documents I have obtained from individuals closely linked to the Landscape Institute. I have read through Confidential Council Budgets going back to 2006, Restructuring Financial Documents from 2008 as well as confidential emails and letters between those at the LI and Individual Members, and others bound by legal agreements with the LI. Their names shall remain confidential.

    I know that some of you believe that my views are extreme.

    I would not want to prejudice your opinion, I hope that my presentation of the facts will speak for themselves. The facts are, in my view, extreme.

    I have held back from publishind these for several months, to give Williamson, McCapra, et al a chance to come clean in a dignified manner. They have failed to do so.

    If you do find that there is anything in this document that is not 110% accurate, please do let me know.

    I do beg you to reflect profoundly on the implications, and the course of action to be followed. I am aware of the fact that some of you may be uncomfortable with certain revelations and would prefer to turn a blind eye to what has been happening -and is going to happen- if we do not act resolutely.

    This is not the time to think about personal reputations: it is about the future and the credibility of the Institute first and profession second.

    I hope that you do share my view.

    Kind regards,

    Gabino Carballo CMLI

    The Financial Timeline revised and Updated…

    Gabino Carballo


    If the Confidential Files in my possesion are right, i have now evidence of the fact that the LI went 121,000 OVER BUDGET in 2007-08. This expenditure was neither foreseen not planned for, and it cannot be blamed on any shortfall in Income of any kind. This is totally unrelated to ALL the explanations given so far for our Financial Situation.

    This undue expenditure does not feature in the Financial Staments supplied to the Accountants and has never been justified or explained to Members. To all effects, these funds are missing, until it is perfectly clear what has happened with them.

    Managing Budgets is Trustee’s responsibility. They have failed and they have attempted to cover it up. This time, we have an irrefutable fact to query them on.

    It is very likely that this over spent funds are the reason why the Landscape Institute Council has behaved irrationally in the last year and a half. Scared by the liabilities they had incurred into, they appear to have attempted to cover it up with unrealistic growth forecasts in the middle of an impending financial downturn in order to mislead all of us Members.

    I believe that they are liable to be breaking the law, specially if we consider the possibility that some Trustees and Employees may have profited from these missing funds.

    I feel that there are some simple actions that Members can take to start ascertaining what has really happened to our money. These could be:

    A. Ask about this Overbudget Expenditure, its nature and the reasons why it has never been mentioned.

    B. Ask for copies of the Council Budgets as presented to Council on 17 of March 2008.

    C. Ask why this Expenditure over budget has not been properly recorded in the Financial Statements.

    Separately, I will be querying the Accountants on this matter, because of the profound legal implications arising from possibility of Council supplying potentially false and/or misleading information to the Auditors.

    For your consideration, I attach –

    1. File with my revised Financial Timeline.…

    2. Copy of Council Accounts as they should have been presented to Council in March 2008.

    3. Minutes of Council Meeting of 17th March 2008.

    4. A summary of all LI Council Budgets and other Confidential Financial Information in my possesion.

    I need to ask you to check the facts and decide upon the correct course of action. We have been misled, insulted, ridiculed and generally taken for a ride in quite a deliberate fashion. The Membership at large need to wake up to some nasty facts, some of them are that this lot may well be generally unreliable and and unable to tell the truth.

    The difference is that, this time, we got them.

    Gabino Carballo CMLI

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