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    I’ve been accused more than once of jumping to conclusions, so I took your advice and re-read your post. I still get the same flavor, so I stand behind my post. But what I will do is start reading my own posts so that I don’t become too repetitive. Yeah you’re right I am guilty of saying “rosy future” too much.


    “…although it might be a wonderful and “priceless” experience, Is that reason enough saddle yourself with insurmountable debt?”


    Yes, because it’s a priceless experience and it’s one of the many chances that one takes in life. Although my university experience didn’t necessarily prepare me to be best Landscape Architect, it did provide me with a solid foundation of general knowledge to build upon. I gained a world view and most importantly learned how to work with people. Going through a grueling five year LA program gave me toughness and a “can do” attitude that my friends in business management and other schools just didn’t get. While they were getting their solid 8 hours of sleep, I was at the studio most nights. While they were turning in their work and waiting for a grade, I was presenting my work in front of professionals, faculty and fellow students while exhausted and emotionally naked. Oh yeah and then standing there while your critiqued by these guys. Most LA programs instill a sense of toughness in their graduates (or at least the use to).


    If I had it all to do over knowing what I know now, I would still go out and get that LA degree because the profession still feeds me after 23 years and I’m just a regular guy. If a seasoned LA or LD has 2 ounces of motivation they can find a way to hustle up a few bucks. Knowing this how could I discourage some young person from getting an LA degree?


    “You are claiming that is is better to have loved and lost, and I am claiming plain old, unprotected sex might not be the best idea.”



    Kelly J. Quinn

    Mark- I’m a little late in responding but in 2010 I spoke with someone from ASLA here in the U.S. and they estimated that 40-45% of LA’s were displaced from the profession at that time.

Viewing 2 posts - 121 through 122 (of 122 total)
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