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    Wendy Lotze

    We are gauging interest in a LARE Section E review in Phoenix, AZ in mid-may.  This would be an excellent time for the review – keeping stuff fresh in your mind for the test in June.  Please respond here or drop me a note if you’re interested!

    Navid Mostatabi

    We are having a three day workshop in San Diego for LARE section E – April 22nd-April 24th.

    See the Land8lounge events page for more information.

    Sherry Alexander

    Hi Wendy: Did you take Section E last June? I’m thinking about taking it this June 2011.

    Wendy Lotze

    I am planning to take the exam in June as well – Thanks for the heads up on the San Diego review. That might be wonderful!

    Vincent Filigenzi

    Anyone in South Florida interested in review for C & E…. or know of any good review courses/classes etc?


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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