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    samwel kimani

    thank you so much, Jessica, for your sensitive observation. I am also oberving the same things but one of my greatest inspiration to this profession comes from my senior lecturer who told me that we are not trained to seek employment but to be employers. therefore i would urge you to focus on how you can create opportunities for many than wasting it in enployment. you will also understand that yopum may not be able to graduate from shool and start up a firm the next day since you need what they call work experience. that is why you have to persevere a little longer with you employer either as an intern or a licenciate so as to create a firm foundation . NOTE: experience is what you do apart from class work/theories.



    Thanks for the positive comments guys, we need to hear from the senior landscape architects, the veterans! like craig and mark, be nice to hear from others, as you guys are the ones we listen to (or i do anyway). I read a post on here the other day saying landscape arch a dying profession, what a load of crap, these people need to look internally i think.  Landscape architecture/urban design/planning; these things are all linked and they are pivotal to population growth which will continue to rise weather we want it to or not. Designers/planners are a very important part of the future, sure alot of people dont understand what we do, but so what; if they were to travell to 3rd world countries and see how things are done there they may get a better understanding. Make no mistake the related design professions are very valuable when it comes to current sustainability and future growth. Where would china and India be without engineers, planners, la s etc?

    Craig Anthony

    I really appreciate your response Aaron. It makes me feel good to know at least someone is listening.


    Sometimes I grow weary of my own positive affirmations, but I know deep in my heart that people who are talented, passionate and stick with it will have a bright future in landscape architecture. There’s no guarantee that everyone will be successful, but what profession has such a guarantee? As long as you stay positive and continue to learn you’ll stand the best chance of making it. Curling up into the fetal position and giving up will get you no where.


    “… sure a lot of people don’t understand what we do, but so what.” I couldn’t have said it any better. My primary concern is that the people who hire landscape architects know what we do. When the economy is going full speed again our services will be in high demand, just like they were prior to the crash. I just don’t understand the fatalistic outlook that some people have. Right now things are tough, but it doesn’t mean it will always be this way.

    Terry Naranjo

    In response to the original question (I haven’t read all the comments); My advice for an entry level position is that if you cant find work in a traditional ‘office’ situation, don’t ever ‘plan’ on being unemployed; by all means, plan on being employed in some peripheral aspect of this profession or aligned profession that will continue to provide perspective on the industry.


    You MUST believe that you will have a career in landscape architecture for you to ever have one.  That may sound overly simplistic but its true.  You may, or may not start out the way you would have preferred but in this market you have to be creative.  Perhaps something in horticulture, design-build, public works, a farmers market, a farm. Become active in the local chapters of anything related to the profession.  Set monthly meetings with people in the industry whether they be LA, architecture, civil, just for coffee and to bend their ear. There is actually a lot of activity out there right now but you have to stick your neck out.  Ask.  I cant stress this enough.  Ask.  It may make you uncomfortable.  But ask.  Its free and no one gets hurt.  Your ideology is one of your greatest assets, sometimes more important than your skills.  


    Try to gain audience and always be prepared for when you do.  When you find a nibble or bite or something positive pour 500% of your energy in maintaining that line of communication.  The biggest mistake in networking is making a link with a real human and never nurturing it.  Think of it as trying to start a fire with only a little bit of kindling, damp wood and rain on the way.  If you get a spark then you gotta fan that fire with vigor.  It may go out.  But try again.  


    Strangely enough, I believe that we are about to enter an era unlike any in history where landscape architects will be able to flourish.  The environmental and societal problems that are present and forthcoming due to expanded populations could be considered at crisis levels.  Landscape architects are uniquely qualified to address these landscape related issues. Unfortunately, several other disciplines are starting to see the opportunities for landscape interventions as well and are looking for pieces of that pie…  Advocacy starts with you.  As LA’s who want to be seated at the table, we simply have to pull up a chair and get in on the conversation.  


    Don’t worry so much about your first job.  Always be preparing your heart, mind, and soul for your LAST job.  Hopefully by then it wont be a job so much as it is a way of life.  (did I venture into sappiness?)

    Craig Anthony

    Yes, an honest and delightful kind of sappiness. Thanks.

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