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    Ryan Sand

    Such a deep topic but one always interesting and fun to think about. Its seems sometimes the timeless really are the places that move with the times, constantly involving the patrons (spurring evolution of thought). While radical in design, can a space still endure through cultural change prolonging its lifetime?

    Is this topic just based on site specifics, should everything be timeless? Are people right when a landscape should only survive 15-20 years, or can we (is it even necessary) to break this rule. Is it the timeless landscape that plans for cultural change every decade or so allowing (like an etch-o-sketch) to be a cleaned slate and insert a new design to fit that culture. It seems that there should be a way for design to flow with the culture despite how radical it may seem.

    Thoughts, comments… thanks!


    You lost me at “deep topic..”

    Shouldn’t you be doing autocad right about now? 😉

    Ryan Sand

    cant really continue till you come out with that video promised me
    you must remember: “Aceto and Auto Cad: A Boy, a mouse, and dimensions” .

    and ya i really didnt make much sense in diannis class why expect much dif here. 🙂

    Anton Comrie

    A designed landscape cannot be timeless.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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