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    Melinda W. Polites

    Shave it for the interview.  Beard it after you become well liked:)  considering it is not multiple tatoos or piercings they might feel lucky.

    Thomas J. Johnson

    Ooops, I didn’t mention that I have lightning bolts shaved into my beard, like Vanilla Ice? Does that make a difference?

    Yeah, it could all be a set up… the whole world could be a set up, to the point that set-ups become irrelevant, tests mean nothing and reality ceases to exist for both the test giver and the test taker. Don’t forget, the test taker can also give tests to test the test giver…then it gets really confusing for both parties… so it goes…

    As long as the correct answer is: Beard. I win… If the correct answer is something other than beard, I still win because I have a beard and if you don’t, you don’t know what you’re missing… and you’ve been shaving every day of your life because somebody else told you to… that’s just sad. Beard wins! Good thing you have a beard…

    Thomas J. Johnson

    I too have some gray hairs in my beard. I kind of like it though… I can’t wait for it to be completely gray so I can grow out my eyebrows and the tips of my ears like one of those kung-fu masters from the 70’s… that is going to be awesome… I’m going to design the hell out of some landscapes then…

    In the mean time I was thinking about getting some “Just for Men” and maybe dying the whole thing black… what do you think? Will that give me the youthful look I’ll need to land a job in todays competitive market? Would a hoop earring be too much? It would be fun to dye the beard, rock the earring and say “Arrgh!” a lot throughout the interview… just to see what happens… maybe bring in nothing but ship drawings… and pretend like I accidentally showed up at the wrong office…


    I had one from HS and through undergrad, then was clean shaven while on AD.  I grew it back towards the end of grad school (2008) and kept it until about a month ago.  Nobody at work recognized me the day I first took it off. 


    I think it would very by company and by region to a degree.  Where I’m from and currently reside (Alaska), not having a beard is unusual.  This is a very informal place culturally, so you sometimes see men of some political/social/economic stature who look like they live under a bridge.  I do a lot of public involvement work and it would make some sense to grow my beard back before meeting with the public but I kind of like not having it right now.


    You look like what is known up here as a “banker’s beard” – short and trimmed – very common on white collar professionals.  I wouldn’t think it would be a hindrance out West or up North, but maybe some other places. 




    Matthew Meade

    I’ve worked the past couple Christmas seasons at a big box electronics store (to help pay for school). In my department the manager has told me that if you can grow a good-looking beard and keep it maintained then you should because it helps one have a gentler, kinder face (like Santa?!). Not sure if there is any relation, but it seemed that the people who had beards outpaced their associates in sales by a large margin.

    In terms of shaving for an interview, I personally wouldn’t. It’s either full beard or nothing. No goatees or chinstraps (at least not until you’re hired).

    Trace One

    heehee..definitely good for laughs, thanks..

    what IS under the beard? and the neon speedo roller-skater seemed too come to easily to mind – when DID you put away the neoprene, and is it possible that the potential employer sees the  neoprene rollerblader in your soul, that the beard is trying to conceal? 

    ps, I saw the San Diego zoo is hiring for a f/t animal keeper yesterday – $20 an hour..Now that seems like honest work..

    Thomas J. Johnson
    Thomas J. Johnson

    I want to be the Rick Rubin of Landscape Architecture…

    Tom Johnson doesn’t have quite the same ring to it…Thomas James… James Johnson… James Thomas…T-James…T2J… Thom Johanson… John Thomas… Who knows…? I’ll just work on the beard for now…


    Thomas J. Johnson

    no, no, no… not speedo, speed suit… roller skating in a speedo is just sick and wrong… nobody wants to see that…

    I was thinking more along these lines… I couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for so you’ll have to use your imagination and in the meantime I’m going to have bust out the sewing machine to make my own neon speed suit to roller skate in…

    see…? beards are cool…



    I’ll have to look into that animal keeper job at the San Diego Zoo. $20/hr is good money these days… it’s a lot better than $0/hr… and they probably have benefits. I don’t so much care about it being honest work or not… as long as I can keep my beard… I’m tired of being the nice, honest guy. It’s a corrupt world out there… if you’re not cheating, you’re not trying hard enough, right? I bet people are willing to pay a hefty sum to get into the park after hours, if you know what I mean 😉 Besides, do you know how much stuff you can smuggle inside an elephant? Those things are like living shipping containers… you just have to be sure they don’t, um, evacuate half way home. It’s hard to explain to customs why half a dozen garbage bags or an extended family of massage parlor girls just fell out of the elephant… “Hey, I’m just the bearded animal keeper. I’ve got no idea what that stuff was doing there. Talk to the zoo in Morocco. We don’t feed our elephants garbage bags or people here at the San Diego Zoo”… unless we don’t want to see those people again 😉 A few exhibits of exotic elephants from around the world and I’ll be ready to retire… and work on growing my beard full time… thanks for the lead!

    Heather Smith

    Maybe they think you are a communist…and therefore not committed to their capitalist endeavors.



    Apparently, you will have to shave your beard before you run for President.

    Thomas J. Johnson

    Once you see me in action there is no way you could confuse me for a communist. I hate to share, love competition and firmly believe in the powers of hierarchy, social order and free-market enterprise.

    That website is awesome! Thank you for providing me with another distraction…

    There is no way I’m shaving my beard when I run for president! My beard will define my presidency! I’m bringing the beard back to it’s rightful place amongst the greatest presidents in history. After my reign all future presidential candidates will be judged on their beard. It will become the means of judging a mans character… When people look back on my years in office, they will say, “what a beard he had”. Even if I’m not a great president, which isn’t an option, the people will say, years later, “yes, he made a few mistakes but he had one hell of a beard.”

    I will be a mans-man, a working man, a man of the people not some overly polished, self-serving, ivy-leaguer… although I certainly wouldn’t turn down the opportunity to enhance my education at their storied University 🙂 It could only help me to better serve the people… with my beard…  

    Andrew Garulay, RLA

    Clearly, you would not be the first Johnson in the White House and probably not the last. You may have the distinction of being the only bearded Johnson to swing through the oval office, though.


    Throw your principles out the window; you don’t need any to be an LA. Shave your beard and sell your soul.


    We have a thing here called mowvember, everyone can sport a beard without fear of prejudice (even some women i believe) for the entire month of November. For the rest of the year just tell them its ‘designer stuble’ and is in fact very cool.

    Thomas J. Johnson

    I’m not even going to touch that one… there are just too many ways I could get myself (and my beard) into trouble… it’s a virtual cacophony of one-liners just waiting to happen…

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