Top 10 Playgrounds?

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    Andrew Spiering

    We are looking for the Top 10 playgrounds from around the world. Submit a picture of your favorite and tell us why you think it is interesting.

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    Andrew Spiering

    Okay, so I will be the first to answer my own question… : )

    Lookout Cove at The Bay Area Discovery Museum

    This 2.5-acre outdoor, interactive exploration area features natural, cultural and built icons of the Bay Area, as well as five site-specific artistic works commissioned for the Cove. The one above is the “Willow Sculpture” by Patrick Dougherty.

    Constanza López

    somewhat less natural, but with a good concept of space

    “walhalla” Where child enter the play structure, made of two vertical mesh screens enclose a series of undulating ribbons. The ribbons undulate to become walking surfaces at some points, walls at others, ceilings at yet others.

    good idea for equipment of the future , where space will be an important factor

    Jeff Cutler

    I will add our project to the list – Garden City Play Environment in Richmond British Columbia. It was completed last summer and has become a hit with the community. I have included a few photos of the project below. We also have a lot more project related content posted on our site

    Marc Blume

    Playground of the Belleville park in Paris / France

    The design project follows a consultation process carried out by CODEJ (Comité pour le Développement de l’Espace pour le Jeu / Committee for the development of recreation areas) in 2003. Children and adult workshops (oral, written and graphic expressions) made it possible to fine-tune the wishes of the populations concerned and identify the project’s design objectives.
    Our work then consisted in synthetising and interpreting the public’s expectations to provide a spatial response both truthful and original.

    Development of the imaginary
    Free-flowing and powerful, the children’s imaginary does not need explicit decors to strive.
    We will take our inspiration from a game as spontaneous as interminable, played in groups by children of all ages: the playhouse.
    The playhouse can be designed in several versions: tree-dwelling, troglodyte, forest, etc.
    There is also an urban, interior and minimal version which works just as well: it is the Sunday afternoon playhouse, built from scratch in the bedroom with a mattress and its support, a chair, broom sticks and stretched bath towels. Successively a boat, a hanging or a medieval castle, it suits all interpretations and abstractions: it is intelligent.
    In this perspective, we tried to confuse matters by overlaying various possible evocations: mountain landscape, building site, flying carpet, machicolation, medieval fortifications, pirate ship rails, etc.

    Located on a high-pitched slope, the playground area is a climbing course with different inclinations for different levels and age groups. (Text BASE)

    Tim Jachlewski

    JFK Park, Buffalo NY. This project was a result of a Federal HUD grant to improve home ownership in an ethnically diverse inner city neighborhood. It is themed after global friendship.

    Andrew Spiering

    These are all excellent playgrounds! I would be happy to visit any of them….

    Does anyone else have a favorite playground?

    Andrew Spiering

    Great concept!

    Andrew Spiering

    This is fantastic! Do you see a wide-range of age groups using this playground?

    Andrew Spiering

    This is awesome! I like all of the natural elements that the kids can engage.

    Andrew Spiering

    This is quite innovative. Do you find older kids are using this more?

    David Lorberbaum

    How did they find the wood for the wood elements at the playground? They are fantastic looking.

    Vance W. Hall

    I agree thanks for the additions.

    Marc I love the park and structure. I see that it meets code for you guys.

    I wonder how it would face up to California Code. It seems we can’t put a pool or playground in without it being too safe for kids to enjoy.

    Thanks Again to all and hope to see more.

    Constanza López

    really interesting, a large play area where energy release and made to walk the imagination
    good management structure, materials and levels;
    There is also a game with sound?
    might be uploading more pictures, please

    sorry my english 🙂

    Constanza López

    yes, for example wall outdoor are used as climbing wall; on the contrary, I believe that very young children should not play

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