Transpiration rate master list?

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    James H Wheeler

    Does anyone know where I could find information on the transpiration rates in volume per year/day/hours (preferably the latter) of common planted trees?  Supplying quantitative numbers for engineers to justify both a decrease in stormwater retention volumes and increase in diversity could bring life to unsightly excavated ponds.

    Jon Quackenbush

    This would be an amazing piece of information to have… I hope this data set would be able to specify the age/maturity/size of the tree as well.

    James H Wheeler

    W/o using leaf cutting tests using my high school potometer of course

    Jason T. Radice

    I’ve only ever seen a publication like this for California, which you would calculate for the old LEED rating system.

    Rob Halpern

    Yes, it would have to be localized as well as species specific. The different humidity levels between much of CA and much of FL would mean data from one site would be way off in the other. And then there’s wind to consider.

    Mike G

    This information is elusive even in forest hydrology text books.  I’ve looked for it myself without much luck.  Like everyone else has said there are so many variables that influence evapotranspiration that its difficult to even get to a measurable range.

    If there are any good places to look it would be in:

    USFS publications treesearch, Journal of forestry, Journal of Arboriculture…

    The most current research and practice has had more consistency using interception as a way to measure tree/stormwater relationships.  Google the national tree benefit calculator.  You might be able to find the references they used for these values.  The i-tree models have become the widely acceptable and preferred method for these types of studies on a broader scale.

    James H Wheeler

    Thanks.  I will check out the natl tree calc and i-tree models. Most of the journals can quickly become mind numbing and cumbersome. It seems like the scientists themselves are sorting out ways to best tabulate experimental data. Most research i have found is aimed at crop production and potential vs actual evapo-transpiration concerning irrigation requirements, or watershed transpiration models.

    David Barbarash

    I’m pretty sure that the US Forestry services UFORE model (now known as iTree, damn you Apple…) can do this among many other things. Take a look:

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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